How to use moringa daily

How to use moringa daily

How to use moringa daily

The plant Moringa, also referred to as "Drum stick" or "Horseradish," is significant in Ayurveda. Moringa has great nutritional value and is plentiful in vegetable oil. Moringa leaves and flowers are mainly used to manage various diseases. This plant is powerful because it contains a variety of nutritive and bioactive substances, such as essential amino acids, carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based vitamins or minerals.

Moringa lowers cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol in the body. Its anti-allergic and protective capabilities also shield the liver from harm. Additionally, it is beneficial to diabetics, it lowers blood sugar levels. Due to its sex-stimulating effects, moringa is advantageous for men. Juice from moringa serves as a diuretic and lowers blood pressure. You can consume moringa as tea, powder, or capsules

7 Ways to include moringa in your daily life

A quick and convenient way to take advantage of moringa's potential benefits is to include it in your everyday routine. Depending on one's preferences and lifestyle, there are several ways to use moringa.

Shake it into salad dressing. Add freshly washed and chopped moringa leaves to your salads for a full-of-life green boost. It's simple to add desi moringa to homemade salad dressing, which shows that becoming green is simple.

Steep it as a tea: You can discover a variety of brands selling desi moringa-based or moringa-soaked teas, such as Traditional Medicinals' Organic Moringa with Spearmint and Sage if you're seeking a flavor that has more depth.

Stir it into your water. Water can be either hot or cold, but warm water that has been combined with a little honey and lemon may be the most enjoyable.

Mix it into smoothies-  Given the nutritional impact of moringa, whether it be in organic moringa powder or whole-leaf form, you may already be adding protein powder and who knows what else to your smoothie, but it's worth the extra assembly-line step. Green smoothies, like this tropical one prepared with pineapple, mint, and lime, combine especially nicely with it.

Bake it into anything- Almost any baked treat can be flavored with organic moringa powder; however, since it will color the product green, certain recipes may look better than others. Chocolate brownies or muffins, zucchini bread (it's already green!), and anything involving mint are all good choices to start.

Green up your guacamole- What else does moringa work well with? Avocados! To increase the body-protecting chemical content of your favorite guacamole recipe (maybe one of these), add desi moringa.

Sprinkle it into soups-  Moringa powder has been referred to as a green superfood due to its high level of vitamins, and minerals. Any liquid dish can benefit from the use of desi moringa powder or leaves, especially those that call for soups like the bloat-busting green vegetable or the immunity-boosting squash and chickpea. 


A quick and easy strategy to improve your general health is to include desi moringa in your everyday routine. You can slowly add this nutrient-rich plant to your diet by choosing a high-quality product and starting with small doses. Moringa has various health advantages, whether you add it to smoothies, sprinkle it on food, or drink it as a calming moringa green tea. You can find moringa in capsule or tablet form if you prefer a more convenient option.

Moringa is a natural powerhouse that can help you on your path to the best health, with benefits like more tremendous energy, better digestion, and a stronger immune system. Remember to opt for organic moringa products to ensure the highest quality and purity. Embrace the power of moringa and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more full of life you.

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